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Your reservation is confirmed after we have received your completed lease and collected payment. Your pending reservation is on HOLD for 48 hours. EXCEPTION: If your reservation is for a holiday period and it is within 1 week from your date of arrival your reservation is on HOLD for 24 hours. After the HOLD expires your reservation will be removed from our reservation system unless we have received a copy of this signed lease. Please complete the following:
1. 1. Print, read, and SIGN this lease. 2. Write credit card info where indicated. 3. FAX or EMAIL ALL PAGES OF THIS LEASE AND A COPY OF YOUR VALID DRIVER'S LICENSE TO 540-289-9006 or

SHORT-TERM LEASE. Tenant agrees to lease below-mentioned property through Massanutten Vacations, LLC.

11566 Model Road, Elkton VA 22827, (540) 289-9033, (540) 289-9006 (fax), E-mail:, Website:

City/state: /
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Cell Phone:

Arrival: 2000-05-28 (yyyy-mm-dd)
Departure: 2000-05-31 (yyyy-mm-dd)
Rental Property: Acorn Lodge, 411 Rainier Road
Number of Occupants: 2
# Parking Spaces: 4

Thank you for choosing Massanutten Vacations, LLC for your vacation accommodations. PLEASE SIGN & RETURN THIS LEASE .
Keep a copy for your records. VISA, MasterCard or Discover required for all reservations.

REFUNDABLE Damage Deposit: $300.00
Rental Fee: $1,080.00
5% Rockingham County Transient Occupancy Tax: $54.00
Total Due: $ 1,434.00


For the purposes of this lease MV LLC refers to Massanutten Vacations, LLC, and TENANT refers to TENANT and all other occupants in above mentioned property during TENANT occupancy.

TENANT must be at least 25 years of age. A copy of TENANT valid driver's license or other government-issued photo ID, with tenant SIGNATURE AND BIRTH DATE, MUST be submitted with this lease for this reservation to be accepted. TENANT must be among occupants for above listed dates. A VISA card, MasterCard or Discover card is required for payment.

  1. A refundable damage deposit is required, as indicated above under PAYMENT DETAILS, and will be refunded to TENANT within 45 days of TENANT departure, providing there are no Pay-Per-View charges on the cable or satellite bill from TENANT stay, and there is no damage or loss to rental property and all that is required is a standard maintenance cleaning after TENANT vacates the rental property.
  2. Liability of the TENANT is not limited to the damage deposit if damages exceed the damage deposit amount. MV, LLC shall be the sole decision maker on the extent of any damages incurred by TENANT and any deductions from the damage deposit. Photos of damage may be taken and made available. Home owners may press criminal charges against TENANT iF damages and loss exceed damage deposit amount. If legal action takes place as a result of this agreement, TENANT agrees to pay all costs and expenses and pay all attorneys’ fees as the court deems.
  3. A portion of the Total Due amount, above, is a non-refundable $200.00 down payment, applied to the Rental Fee. If TENANT is arriving within one (1) calendar month of this completed rental lease being received by MV, LLC the Total Due amount must be paid to confirm this reservation. If TENANT is arriving more than one (1) calendar month from the date this rental lease is received by MV, LLC a down payment of $200.00 must be paid to confirm this reservation and the balance will be charged to the credit card listed on this lease one (1) calendar month prior to TENANT arrival date. If the credit card is declined when the balance due is to be paid TENANT will be notified via email and have 48 hours to provide a valid credit card to MV, LLC or this reservation will be canceled and the cancellation policy will take effect.
  4. To change the arrival and or the departure date(s), and still keep at least one of the original reservation dates there will be a fee of $50.00 charged to TENANT. To reduce the number of dates already booked, or change all the dates of the reservation will result in TENANT canceling the reservation, and the cancellation policy will come into effect.
  5. Check-in time is 4:00 p.m. Check-out time is 11:00 a.m. These times are strictly enforced so cleaning & maintenance personnel can access the home, on schedule, to prepare it for the next tenant or home owner arrival. TENANT will forfeit the entire $300.00 damage deposit if TENANT does not depart the house by 11:00 a.m. on the Departure date. There will be no exceptions. DRIVING DIRECTIONS FOR CHECK-IN AT OUR OFFICE WILL BE EMAILED TO TENANT 2-3 WEEKS PRIOR TO TENANT ARRIVAL DATE. TENANT WILL RECEIVE DRIVING DIRECTIONS TO THE RENTAL HOUSE AT CHECK-IN. Two sets of keys are issued to TENANT and must be returned to the MV, LLC office by 11:30 a.m. on the Departure date to avoid the cost of re-locking & re-keying the house being charged to TENANT damage deposit. If TENANT or anyone staying with TENANT locks themselves out of the house there will be an after-hours unlock fee charged to TENANT damage deposit.
  6. TENANT shall hold MV, LLC and the property owner harmless from damages/injuries resulting during occupancy.
  7. TENANT shall keep the rental property in good condition and free of trash. TENANT shall surrender the property at the termination of the lease in as good condition as it was received. All furniture and cable/satellite TV equipment must remain in original positions or a deduction of no less than $40.00 will be made from the damage deposit if the cleaning or maintenance personnel must move furniture and cable/satellite TV equipment back to original placement. A cleaning fee is paid by TENANT and covers the cost of a typical post check-out cleaning. Bio-hazard clean-up of any type of human or animal waste, to include urine, feces, blood, vomit, mucus, etc. will result in forfeiture of the entire damage deposit.
  8. If this home has a grill and TENANT uses it, TENANT must clean the grill food surface grates after each use. A charge of $25.00 will be retained from the damage deposit for a grill not cleaned. TENANT is responsible for supplying propane, charcoal and charcoal lighter/starter fluid for the duration of TENANT stay. No refund will be given for a grill TENANT is unable to light.
  9. MV, LLC reserves the right to enter the rental property for inspections and repairs as needed. Repair problems within each rental property will be addressed as soon as possible. No reduction in or refund of rent will be given for utility, appliance, heating or air conditioning, cable TV, satellite TV, internet service, jetted bathtub, hot tub, fireplace, or grill malfunction or outage. TENANT MUST NOT TURN AC BELOW 70° or unit will freeze and become damaged. TENANT MUST NOT ADJUST TEMPERATURE CONTROLS IN THE REFRIGERATOR/FREEZER. TENANT must wait 24 hours after putting groceries in the refrigerator/freezer, to give it time to adjust to having food in it, before calling maintenance if it is not properly cooling. TENANT will be charged the maintenance fee(s) if these temperature controls have been changed.
  10. FIREPLACES in MV homes are to be used between 01 October and 31 March, only. Propane is supplied for gas-log fireplaces. Firewood is supplied for wood-burning fireplaces. Printed directions for starting and using the fireplace(s) are located in each home with a fireplace. Maintenance will not light the fireplace for TENANT unless TENANT agrees to pay the $25 trip and fireplace lighting fee. No refund will be given for a fireplace that TENANT fails to light.
  11. TENANT understands that maintenance does not change or replace light bulbs or batteries, does not service cable TV, satellite TV or internet service, does not supply gas, charcoal, lighter/starter fluid for grills, linens, groceries, maps, additional keys to the property, car passes, darts, ping-pong balls for games, cribs or highchairs. Any propane left on the property by previous TENANT or home owner may be used by TENANT. If there is not enough TENANT must supply propane for the remainder of the vacation.
  12. Mattress pads, sheets, blankets, quilts and/or comforters, pillows and pillow protectors are supplied for all permanent beds. Top bunk beds will have clean, folded sheets set on the bed; all other beds will be made. TENANT must bring towels, washcloths, linens for cribs, futons, air mattresses, cots and sofa beds. If TENANT has a specific preference for certain linens it is suggested TENANT bring those from home.
  13. One adult dog is allowed on this property for the duration of this lease. The following Pet Policy must be adhered to:
    a. Violation of this ONE (1) dog only permit will result in TENANT's forfeiture of the entire security deposit.
    b. Dogs must urinate & defecate outdoors and TENANT must remove ALL dog waste (feces) from the property prior to departing the home.
    c. Dog waste left by TENANT will be removed by housekeeping staff and will incur an additional charge of no less than $50.00 to TENANT's credit card.
    d. TENANT understands that all contents of this property will be closely inspected for pet damage after TENANT's departure.
    e. If any pet damage is noted, Massanutten Vacation will obtain estimates for clean-up, repair and/or replacement and notify TENANT of such via email.
    f. Massanutten Vacation will charge TENANT's credit card the full amount of clean-up, repair and/or replacement, plus applicable taxes and the credit card processing fee of 3% of these charges.
    g. The dog MUST be kept on a leash when not contained in the house, fenced yard or on a closed deck or porch, per Rockingham County Leash Law.
    h. TENANT must scoop and remove any feces left by your dog while you are off this property.
    i. The dog's immunizations must be up-to-date. Please bring your dog's immunization record with if the Rockingham County Dog Warden desires to see it.
  15. MV, LLC is the agent of the property owner and fiduciary duties are owed to the property owner. All monies paid to MV, LLC may be held in a non-escrow, interest bearing account. All interest earned will remain the property of MV, LLC.
  16. The premises shall be used as a residence by TENANT and is specifically limited to no more than the Number of Occupants as stated on page 1 of this lease. All persons/humans are considered occupants, regardless of age. Exceeding occupancy limits constitutes a breach of this agreement and TENANT will lose all rights to lease and continue leasing said property as well as all monies paid. If MV, LLC determines that over-occupancy occurred during TENANT’S stay through reasonable and reliable sources, then MV, LLC will retain the entire damage deposit for the violation.
  17. TENANT understands MV, LLC patrols all homes rented to be certain all rules are being adhered to. MV, LLC and local law enforcement reserve the right to evict any TENANT violating any of the covenants of Massanutten and/or any of the rules and policies within this lease.
  18. To avoid tickets, fines or arrest obey the following rules for guests of rental properties of Massanutten Sub-Division.
    a. All Federal, State, and Local laws must be obeyed at all times.
    b. Per occupancy laws the occupancy is strictly limited to 2 persons per bedroom plus no more than four. This home may have a lower occupancy than the law allows, per the owner. If that is the case then the lower occupancy must be adhered to.
    c. All vehicles must be parked on the Lot, except overflow vehicles may be parked (i) on the parking lot at Hopkins Park, (ii) on the parking lot below the MPOA swimming pool and above the MPOA office, or (iii) on the road shoulder-adjacent to the Lot or adjacent to an adjoining owner who has given express permission-if such parking on the shoulder will not cause unreasonable damage, impede traffic, or interfere with service vehicles.
    d. All outdoor fires are prohibited.
    e. Open containers of alcohol are prohibited on any roadway or other common area.
    f. A 24 hour noise ordinance is in effect. Loud and boisterous activity will not be tolerated. Notification from law enforcement of any noise problems will lead to forfeiture of no less than $100 from the damage deposit.
    g. No person shall permit any animal to run at large.
    h. No vehicle larger than 3/4 ton may be parked on any lot. No buses, campers, or mobile homes may be parked on any lot at any time.
    i. No trash may be put outside the house. Littering is prohibited. Any trash dispersed by animals may be picked up by MPOA employees and tenant will be billed for cost. Guests MUST PUT ALL TRASH INTO the bear proof trash dumpsters have been provided near the end of Lanier Lane and near the MPOA pool located on Peak Drive for guests’ trash. Driving directions to these trash dumpster sites are included at check-in and in the rental house.
    j. Trespassing on private property, whether adjoining the rental property or not, is prohibited.
    k. Harassment and feeding of wildlife is not permitted and will not be tolerated.
    l. Clothes, towels and other linens are not to be hung on porch or deck railings, visible from any roads.
  19. If this home has a hot tub TENANT must bathe before entering the hot tub. The use of make-up, perfumes, colognes, lotions, oils, bubble bath, soaps or any other additives is not permitted and will cause damage to the hot tub resulting in TENANT having to pay for repairs. TENANT must not eat while in the hot tub. TENANT must follow any instructions in the home in reference to the hot tub use.
  20. MV, LLC houses have at least one (1) locked owner's closet. Locked closets are private, secured areas not for TENANT use. Because we take privacy and security very seriously, any evidence of tampering or break-in, or any items taken from the locked closets during TENANT stay will result in forfeiture of the entire damage deposit, and could also result in criminal charges to TENANT.
  21. CHECK-OUT TIME is per paragraph 6 of this lease. GUESTS do all of the following before you leave on check-out day:
    a. Unless otherwise noted at the thermostat: Summer/Hot weather: Turn A/C OFF. Put fan on AUTO. Winter/Cold weather: Turn heat to 65°. Put fan on AUTO.
    b. You MUST take ALL of your trash to one of the approved dumpster sites in Massanutten. Driving directions to the approved dumpster sites will be given to TENANT upon check-in.
    c. Remove your laundry from the washer & dryer.
    d. LEAVE ALL BED LINENS ON THE BEDS. You will be charged for laundering of blankets, mattress pads, quilts, comforters, and any clean linens you have put on the floor.
    e. Flush all toilets.
    f. Empty all of your food from refrigerator and cabinets.
    g. Wipe up spills in the refrigerator & splatters in microwave.
    h. Put ALL dirty dishes, glasses, pots, etc in dishwasher and run it. Housekeeping will put dishes away.
    i. If you used the grill, clean it.
    j. If you moved furniture, put it back.
    k. Turn off all lights.
    l. Be sure you have not left any belongings in the house. Any items TENANT leaves will be promptly donated to charity, or discarded. MV, LLC does not retain or return TENANT personal items left behind.
    m. Close and lock all windows and doors.
  22. Every effort is made to ensure this rental property is in good condition in time for TENANT arrival. TENANT must notify MV, LLC office or maintenance on call of any problems with the property during the above listed dates of TENANT stay, so problem issues can be addressed in a timely manner. If the home becomes unavailable or uninhabitable, MV, LLC reserves the right to substitute the home for like accommodations or refund all monies paid by TENANT.
  23. Cancellation of this lease must be made in writing by TENANT to MV, LLC by email, fax or US Mail. If this reservation is canceled after receipt of payment TENANT will forfeit the $200.00 non-refundable down payment. If this reservation is canceled less than one (1) calendar month prior to the Arrival date TENANT will be issued a refund of the damage deposit and the cleaning fee. If MV, LLC is able to re-rent the same property for the same dates then a refund of the rent TENANT paid, minus the $200.00 non-refundable down payment will be refunded. TENANT understands that MV, LLC may have to reduce the amount of the rental fee in order to re-rent the property and the refund made to TENANT may not be the full amount TENANT paid. Any refunds due are contingent upon the date cancellation is received.
  24. The foregoing constitutes an agreement between TENANT and MV, LLC. The undersigned TENANT hereby acknowledges receipt of a copy of this agreement, and by signing, agrees to the terms and conditions stated above and below.


Signature: x                                                                                Date:                      MUST BE SIGNED BY .

Driver’s License State:            Driver’s License Number:                                        

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Card Number:                                                                                                Expiration Date:           /               

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