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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Where is Massanutten Vacation located?
Our office is conveniently located across US Highway 33 from the entrance into Massanutten Village & Resort.

2. I found one of your homes on another website and it showed it was available but your site shows it is not. How do I know which homes are available?
We make sure the availability calendar for each home on OUR website is accurate. We update these calendars as soon as we've received payment for a home. Our home owners have listed their homes on other sites but they are not as quick as we are to update the calendars there. You can trust the information on our site.

3. Do you have any homes for rent that are not on your website?
All the homes we manage are listed and shown on our website. You can see every home of ours here. We could not stay in business if we didn't advertise all our homes!

4. I emailed about a house and was told it's available but the calendar shows it's not. What's the problem?
Since anyone, anywhere can reserve any of our homes at any time what has happened is that someone reserved the house you want for the dates you want after our email went out to you. You can watch the calendar to see if it winds up booked/confirmed, blocked out in red on the calendar, or if the pending reservation is removed after 24 or 48 hours. Or you can book another one of our homes.

5. Can I make a reservation on this website?
Yes! We've worked hard to make our reservation system easy to use. If a home is available for the dates you want you can book it right from our website!

6. I want to stay in a home that has had my dates blocked out in yellow/pending for days. Why is it being held so long and how can I book it?
Pending reservations are normally held for 24 or 48 hours. After that time the reservation system is supposed to automatically delete the old reservation if we have not received the completed paperwork. Sometimes there is a glitch and the old pending is not removed. Another reason for a pending reservation being held over 24 or 48 hours is when the home owner is coming to stay. Either way, if you are looking to stay in a Massanutten Vacation home and the calendar has a long-held pending reservation call us at 540-289-9033 or email us at about it. It might be an expired reservation we simply overlooked. We can remove it to make it so that you can reserve it.

7. Why doesn't the website indicate my discount, such as a free night or military discount, when I make my reservation?
Because the home owners' special rates and discounts can change at any time it's difficult to update the reservation system fast enough. If you are booking a home that has a special rate listed or a military discount listed you must write that information on the first page of your rental contract, next to the Payment Details.

8. Can I get the special rate AND the military discount?
You can have one of these discounts. We do not combine discounts.

9. What other fees are there besides the rental fee?
Each home has a cleaning fee of $100, and a refundable damage deposit of $300. If you rent a high chair or pack & play or bring a dog to one of our pet-friendly homes there are fees for those things.

10. Do I make payment online?
No. Our website is not set up to receive payment information. When you make your reservation online you'll input your name, address, phone numbers, email address and number of people staying in the home. After the 5 easy steps to go through your rental contract, or lease, will appear on your computer screen. Print it from there and follow the steps along the top of page 1 to complete the paperwork and get it back to us. The last page of the rental contract has lines for you to write your credit card information on it. Once you've faxed or scanned & emailed your completed contract to us we'll have your payment info, charge your card and confirm your reservation via email.

11. What if I don't want to write my credit card info on the papers?
That's ok! Just write a note near the lines for the credit card info that you will call us at 540-289-9033 with your payment info.

12. My family wants to split the cost. Can we pay with more than one credit card?
Yes. You can pay for your reservation with 1 or 2 credit cards, as long as you write a note on the credit card info page letting us know how much goes on each card.

13. Can I pay with a check?
Your refundable security deposit must be paid with a credit card- VISA, MasterCard or Discover. The rest can be paid with a cashier's check or US Postal Service Money Order, for the exact amount, no more and no less.

14. Can I pay for my reservation when I arrive to check-in?
Your reservation must be paid in advance. We do not allow payment to be made at check-in time unless you come to our office to make your reservation on the day you want to check-in.

15. How long is my reservation held?
Your reservation will be securely held for you for 24 or 48 hours to give you time to get your rental contract completed and sent to our office. Our end of the reservation system shows us the exact time and date your reservation was made. If we don't get your paperwork after the 24 or 48 hour hold the reservation is automatically deleted by the reservation system, and then anyone else can book the house for those dates.

16. What if I send my paperwork in to you after my reservation is deleted?
As long as we have not received a completed rental contract from someone else for the same house and during the same dates as your rental contract indicates then your rental contract will be honored.

17. I want to rent one of your homes that has a maximum occupancy of 8 people. With my 6 month old baby we'll be 9 people. Is this ok?
Our maximum occupancies are based on several factors and they cover the 'quiet hours' of between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. The first is the local ordinance about occupancy levels in homes. Massanutten and the County of Rockingham have written into law strict occupancy rules. A home can have 2 people multiplied by the number of bedrooms, plus 4 people maximum. So, a 2 bedroom house can legally have no more than 8 people, a 3 bedroom house 10 people, a 4 bedroom house 12 people and a 5 bedroom house 14 people. These are the legal limits. The second factor is based on the home owners' preference. You may see a 3 bedroom home listed on our website that legally allows 10 people but has a maximum occupancy of 8 people. When this is the case the owners' preference must be obeyed and respected. The third factor covers the ages of the people in the homes. Any human being, no matter what the age, counts toward the maximum occupancy. A one day old baby counts the same as a 30 year old person.

18. I see you have pet friendly homes. I want to bring both of my dogs to one of them. Is this allowed?
Our pet-friendly homes allow no more than one adult dog in each home. One adult dog is the only pet allowed. We're very sorry, but we cannot allow more than one dog, puppies, cats, birds, rabbits, etc.

19. I'm planning a family reunion and need several homes close together. Can you help?
Definitely! We've got a few streets we refer to as Reunion Row because there are so many homes on them as close together as next door to one another. While on our website look for the homes on Rainier Road and Wilson Way; Turkey Drive, Deer Drive, Chipmunk Court and Grouse Drive.

20. How do I know I won't be driving forever to get to the ski area or the water park?
All our homes are within a 10 minute drive to the farthest recreational activity in Massanutten. Most activity sites are much closer.

21. I won't be getting to the area to check in until after your office closes. How will I get my keys to the house?
We'll email your driving & check-in directions 2-3 weeks before your arrival date to only the email address you provided to us when you made your reservation. It is up to you to forward those directions to anyone coming in another car. The driving directions will get you to our office to check-in. If you arrive after we close at 5:00 p.m. you will follow the after hours check-in directions we sent to you to check yourself in using the lock box on the front door of our office. Make sure you come to our office, not one of the other offices next door to us. There are photos of our office (a brick bungalow house) on the direction page we sent to you. Inside your check-in envelope are the directions to your vacation home from our office parking lot, and your keys or electronic lock code to get you into the house.

22. Can you mail my directions to the house and my keys to me?
For security reasons we give these things to you at check-in time, only.

23. I rented the house but someone else will be checking in for me. Is that ok?
That's fine as long as you send an email to us with the name(s) of anyone who will be checking in ahead of you. Those persons must be at least 25 years old and provide a photo ID to us at check-in time.

24. I want to plan the things we'll be doing there before I leave home. How can you help me with that?
Easy! Click on the Things to Do tab on any page on our website and check out Antiquing to Zip Line activities. There are links to websites with more info, phone numbers to call, etc. It's best to plan before you get here so you can start having fun immediately once you arrive!

Some homes are offered for extended/corporate stays. Contact us to find out if this home is available for extended/corporate stays.


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